intoPIX's Highlights from NAB 2024

11.06.24 09:02 AM By Julie

We are so grateful for your visit and your enthusiasm! 
NAB 2024 was once again a success, thanks to you!

Our Talks and interviews

JPEG XS in Action for IP Workflows : Standards for Interoperability, Quality and Efficiency Jean-Baptiste Lorent, intoPIX Several recommendations exist to empower live production workflows with the new JPEG XS ISO standard issued from VSF, AMWA, MPEG, and the IETF. Join this session to learn how to integrate and use JPEG XS in IP-based workflows such as SMPTE 2110, WAN, IPMX, or Cloud. Learn some of the key benefits of the standard in live production workflows to bring more efficiency, and reduce bandwidth and cost.

The intoPIX photo album!

작은 JPEG XS는 아름답습니다!

무손실 품질, 마이크로초 지연 시간, 초저전력 소비 지원을 위해 개발된 세계 최초의 초소형 코덱으로 미디어 제작 워크플로우를 혁신적으로 개선합니다.

Transition to bandwidth-efficient video workflows    

without compromising latency and quality, freeing up bandwidth
for seamless LAN, WAN, and Cloud connectivity.

Cut costs, power consumption, and carbon footprint 
by utilizing the world’s fastest, smartest, and smallest JPEG XS hardware and software solutions developed by intoPIX.
Experience a revolution in videoworkflows, 
enhancing efficiency, agility,and productivity with all the new cutting-edgeJPEG XS solutions released at NAB 2024.

intoPIX 코덱 | FPGA IP 코어 및 SDK

새로운 기능 및 성능:

- NEW Major Release of FastTicoXS SDK v3.0.

- NEW TicoXS FPGA IP cores & TicoXS FIP FPGA IP cores with JPEG XS High420 (VSF TR08), JPEG XS TDC profiles, always with low power consumption.

intoPIX 코덱 통합 애드온

- SMPTE 2110-22 / IPMX RTP IP 코어가 포함된 새로운 AES 암호화 옵션, Adeas/Nextera ST 2110 IP 코어와 호환.

- AddOns for FFmpeg, Nvidia RiverMax, Deltacast Virtual IP Card, SDI, and more…

intoPIX 스트리밍 EDK 및 SDK 신규

Supporting ST2110/IPMX (incl JPEG XS High) & NMOS IS04/IS05. Extended video resolution capabilities from HD to 8K. Tested interoperability.

- Titanium EDK ARM SoC, Nvidia SoC 및 FPGA SoC 지원.

- Titanium SDK CPU/GPU를 갖춘 Windows 및 Linux용, 내부 1G/2.5G NIC 및 PCIe NIC에 최적화되어 있으며 대기 시간이 최소화됩니다.

intoPIX 스마트 네트워크 연결
- 예측할 수 없는 네트워크를 통과하기 위한 오류 은폐 메커니즘.
- NEW JPEG XS TDC profile, offering 2X more compression efficiency in KVM, eSports and display applications.
- Smart strategies to further reduce network bandwidth requirements using JPEG XS.

intoPIX Real-Time Software Apps & Plugins
- Discover the NEW Standalone Real-time TitaniumViewer & TitaniumShow APPs.
- Adobe Premiere Plugin with MXF JPEG XS Recording and Playback Support.

intoPIX Cross-Platform Compatibility Solutions
You are all covered with intoPIX, we support any hardware and software environments.
- Any Processors: Altera FPGA, AMD Xilinx FPGA, AMD GPU, Intel GPU, Nvidia GPU (incl Jetsons), Apple M1, ARM64 SoC, AMD & Intel x86_64 CPU.
 - Any Operation Systems: Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, iOS.

JPEG XS in action @NAB2024 !

The power of JPEG XS on the cutting-edge products of our trusted partners!

그리고 더 많습니다!

슬라이드쇼를 받고 싶습니다.
JPEG XS 팀에 합류하고 싶습니다.

NAB-related press releases

intoPIX Unveils Titanium at NAB for Accelerating IP Media Workflows

intoPIX announced the release of TITANIUM, a groundbreaking range of solutions designed to empower developers, installers, and end-users in accelerating the deployment of SMPTE 2110 and IPMX with intelligent JPEG XS connectivity in their media and entertainment workflows.
"Combining JPEG XS with ST2110 & IPMX makes IP-based media workflows more attractive by bringing together high video quality, low latency, and bandwidth efficiency"

intoPIX Unveils Latest JPEG XS FPGA Cores with Nextera-Adeas ST2110/IPMX, Streamlining IPMX Development at NAB Show

intoPIX announced its collaboration with Nextera Video and Adeas showcasing the latest iteration of its groundbreaking JPEG XS solutions tailored for ST2110 and IPMX.

“The Nextera-Adeas solution integrated with intoPIX JPEG XS provides everything needed to help OEM’s IPMX-Enable their new or existing products quickly and easily,”

Why have all broadcast powerhouses embraced intoPIX JPEG XS? Unraveling the secret behind industry leaders' unanimous adoption!

NAB Show stands as an exclusive opportunity for industry enthusiasts to witness the growing impact of JPEG XS solutions across major players in the broadcast world.

Small JPEG XS is Beautiful! Move seamlessly to bandwidth-efficient video workflows with JPEG XS technology, ensuring optimal latency and quality while freeing up bandwidth for effortless LAN, WAN, and Cloud connectivity.